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A company must deal with different clients and diverse projects. Your costing/estimation/calculation method can differ for every new project. Proteus Systems’ software allows you to be flexible with these and at the same time monitor the project even when your clients introduce changes during development/manufacture.

The software offers extensive tools to allow you to properly make cost and labour calculations at every stage of the project. It takes one push of a button to generate a quotation based on your estimates and calculations. You can always change your numbers by utilising the data continually updated within the system, for example from your drawing board. This allows for easy and fast editing of your quotation.

The software allows you to utilise different calculation structures, so you can easily make it fit with your work method. You edit this only where necessary. This reduces administrative tasks, the chance of making mistakes and the cost of failure.

Proteus Systems’ software itemises all elements of the project and gives you a full overview of the required work. It allows you and the client to benefit from no hidden costs. Your cost and labour estimate will play an important role in your project administration.

The software is designed to use all the information to grant you a direct overview of status and progress of your project. You can view all budget performance calculations in real time, as well as the status of the work.

The software solution for your business

  • Swift and simple calculations
  • Pre- and post-calculations always on screen
  • Utilises estimate models
  • Your quotation is ready with one click of the button
  • Standard system, but adaptable

ERP specifically designed for interiors, furniture manufacturing, woodworking and wood trade.

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