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If you are a creator of interiors, furniture or other products and want to design, present, and publish swiftly and precisely, Proteus Systems offers a great software solution. Proteus will help you with the designing, construction, and visualising of your products. It will comprehensively support you in the process of making blueprints and even will directly control your CNC-machines.

Proteus Systems offers companies in interior design, stand construction, bathroom and kitchen construction, the furniture industry and outfitting an integrated solution of CAD/CAM and ERP software, that can be used to handle any task quickly, efficiently, and accurately. You can design all sorts of furniture and accessories including kitchen cabinets and wardrobes, counters, wall coverings and corner solutions.

For jobs like interior design, Proteus Systems offers a solution with Imos 3D that ensures a short lead time between designing and actual production. Imos is unique because it makes your design drawings and your technical blueprints at the same time. All the technical details are automatically processed through assessment of your 3D-model. In case you change the model, all technical details automatically change as well. This saves a lot of time and reduces the risk of making mistakes.

At the heart of the software is the database, in which you manage all business-related data including BOM’s and components characteristics and related parameters. You can easily use and edit the builds within your database to produce customer-specific designs. This allows for a standard design process, which makes it unnecessary to start from scratch for every new project.

In addition to an integrated solution with Imos, Proteus also offers a full solution using Alphacam, CAD/CAM and bricsCAD.

Proteus designs innovative software for your business

  • For design and presentation
  • With integrated configurator
  • Web shop for B2B and B2C
  • Create blueprints and BOMs
  • For control management of machines

ERP specifically designed for interiors, furniture manufacturing, woodworking and wood trade.

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