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When you import, customise, or sell wood plate material, Proteus is the number one ERP software solution for your business. Proteus has been developed for the wood industry and supports your business processes giving you a clear overview of your business while at the same time allowing for the efficient processing of all your customers’ orders.

Efficient and effective

Proteus is a fully integrated software solution that can manage your various business processes including Purchasing, Sales, and inventory management. The software consists of multiple modules that communicate with one another. If you register an order for example, the necessary products from your inventory will be automatically reserved. This has major benefits down the line and ultimately greater customer satisfaction. Working with a large variety of different systems and documents is no longer needed, reducing the chance of making mistakes and allowing you to work more efficiently.


If you are active in the wood business and interested in more information, a quotation, or a demonstration, you can contact us to find out how our software can help your organisation.

ERP specifically designed for interiors, furniture manufacturing, woodworking and wood trade.

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