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Efficient and effective plate optimisation software

Are you involved in calculating or sawing plate material, then you can benefit from using Proteus Sawing, the system automatically calculates the most efficient plate layout for all your sawing orders? Not only does this save you plate material, it also saves preparation and production time.

Proteus Sawing easily guides you from order through to production. When you put in the BOM and specify the available materials, Proteus Sawing automatically generates the sawing scheme and protocols.

Optimisation and price calculation

Along with the optimisation are: the saw kerf, edges, veneer direction and the many possibilities regarding your machines. You can also directly view the costs of the plates. This makes for optimal support for your calculations and work planner. You can save and reuse all the optimisations.

Structured work

Proteus Sawing module also provides relationship management, allowing you to link optimisation to specific clients. The software utilizes a SQL database, allowing you to save your optimisations in a structured manner. All the data/information is in one place. All of this, together with a modern user interface give you all the right tools and resources to work as efficiently as possible.

A few advantages of using Proteus Sawing:
✓ It saves time
✓ It reduces the amount of errors
✓ It saves materials
✓ It saves costs
✓ It increases the capacity of your sawing machine
✓ It allows you to efficiently reuse offcuts/Material left over

Possibilities of our software

Proteus Sawing includes optimisation, price calculation, printing schemes and barcodes, relationship management, library building, standard BOMs, importing BOMs from Excel, remainder detection and management, Kanban, lace band assignment, input of accessories and furniture fittings, exporting optimisations to other producers, etc.

The additional Professional Module allows for additional technical settings for the control of the sawing machine: forecasting production time, setting package heights and filling sizes, allowing overproduction, etc. Some of the enhanced features are:

✓ Ability to manually edit scheme after optimisation.
✓ Sawing machine management, integration through your plate saw, directly pass the optimised sawing assignments to your plate saw.
✓ Plate storage management, standard integration with your automatic plate storage.
✓ Integration of CAD-software, upload BOMs from your drawing package.

Integrated with Proteus ERP, Proteus Sawing is available as an add on module for Proteus Interior Design and Proteus Wood.

Target audience for Proteus Sawing

Proteus Sawing offers important advantages to any company that processes plate material. We offer specialised modules that adapt perfectly to your specific business.

Possibilities include:

Interiors: Combining multiple furniture layouts and projects in one optimisation, processing offcuts/material left over, keeping track of stock….

Metal sector: Specific terminology, rolling direction, overproduction, filling sizes, specific gravity, kilogram prices, cutting losses, edges, length optimisation….

Subcontracting, large consumers, payroll, accurate calculation of production times, setting package heights and filling sizes, allowing for overproduction, linking the planning module…


Proteus sawing is a great fit in areas such as:

✓ Interior Manufacturing
✓ Wood trade
✓ Stand construction
✓ Carpentry factory
✓ Construction
✓ Construction contracting
✓ Plate processing industry

Managing the plate saw

Manual input of the sawing schemes into the plate saw after optimisation is possible; as is the direct command of the plate saw. As you can see below the software can even command automatic plate storage. This increases productivity and reduces the chance of errors.

Proteus Sawing can control the following brands of plate saws:

Management of your plate storage

Proteus Sawing can also directly command automated plate storages. Right now, integration is possible with plate storages from Barbaric, Grundner and Bargstedt.

After optimisation, the plate storage receives its plate order per job. The direct connection between Proteus Sawing and the plate storage allows for an optimal insight into your available inventory along with efficient management of your plate saw.


If you are interested and require more information, a quotation, or an online demonstration, please contact us.

Online demonstration?

A free online personal demonstration is the fastest way to introduce you to Proteus Sawing. We will show how to swiftly, easily, and accurately optimise your sawing assignments in a very effective way. This can then allow you to quickly decide whether we offer functionality that fits your company requirements.

During the demonstration, we will show you the following:

✓ General functioning of Proteus Sawing
✓ The input of saw settings
✓ Preparation of plate materials
✓ Optimisation techniques
✓ Working with offcuts/material left over
✓ Continuous veneer directions
✓ Display of the optimisation result
✓ Printing result, schemes, protocols, and barcodes
✓ Management of your plate saw

Of course, you can ask questions during and after the demonstration and view the possibilities for your business.

How it works
For the online demonstration, you only need a computer and an Internet connection.
After filling out the form below, we will contact you to schedule the online demonstration. At the scheduled time, you can easily participate in the demonstration through a link on our website. At the same time, you will be on the phone with our advisor. Your colleagues are of course welcome to join the demonstration as well.

Request your free online demonstration now:

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