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Proteus Systems 3D CAD CAM ERP

Proteus ERP is a fully integrated software solution developed in close cooperation with your particular sector. The software consists of various modules that directly communicate with one another. The system possesses a single database, so there is no need to put in the same data twice. Proteus has been specially developed for use in many construction/design industries.

Working with too many different documents and systems is no longer necessary thanks to Proteus. Proteus reduces the risk of making mistakes and increases the efficiency of your work. Our consultants, who have a lot of experience in your field, can help you adapt the software specifically to your company’s requirements.

Short implementation time

We deliver a standard solution, but always with an individualistic approach. Proteus Systems installs the software at your company and supports you with the roll out of the software within your business. Proteus is known for its relatively short implementation time; within a few days the system is ready to be used.

Specifically focused on your business

Proteus can be used for any organisation, no matter what size. The software specifically focuses on your line of business, meaning it connects perfectly into your daily work patterns. It can also be expanded with extra modules should you wish. There is a small business version of Proteus for organisations where a maximum of five people will use the software.


We are happy to support you when you purchase our software. Every year, you will receive the most up-to-date version of our software, along with intermediate updates. Additionally, you are guaranteed application/technical support in case there are questions or issues. We also provide training courses that provide you and your employees with the latest updates and information regarding our software.

In cooperation with our clients, we constantly try to improve our software, keeping it fully compatible with your company’s wishes and requirements.

Proteus for your business

Find out if Proteus fits your company’s needs! Our software is great for business and project administrative applications and was specially developed for industries such as: interior manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, outfitting, wood trade, woodworking, and construction.

ERP specifically designed for interiors, furniture manufacturing, woodworking and wood trade.

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