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imos 3D CAD CAM

Are you a designer of interiors and furniture? Then Imos iX 3D CAD/CAM is the perfect solution for you. With Imos you construct and visualise furniture, fabricate blueprints and BOMs and directly command your CNC machine.

Custom furniture

With Imos you can construct furniture and interior objects in any shape or form. Imos iX is based on AutoCAD and has been developed in close cooperation with interior designers, machine manufacturers and furniture fittings suppliers. The software has been adapted to fit your needs and daily requirements.

For an optimal working solution in the field of CAD and CAM choose Imos iX! The industry standard for 3D CAD/CAM in furniture and interior design.

Imos iX

The ‘i’ in ‘iX’ stands for innovation and integration, the X is for eXchange and conneXion. Translated this means:

✓ Data exchange between applications through the entire process of sales and production
✓ Complete solution for sales and production of furniture and interior objects in accordance with industry standard 4.0

Imos iX consists of a variety of modules, so the software can be utilised in a way that suits your company’s requirements. With the Imos iX CAD module you can visualise an attractive 3D model of the custom furniture for your client. Afterwards, Imos iX provides you with all the technical details for preparation, such as saw lists, drilling patterns and a list of required purchases. The Imos iX CAM module directly converts all data from the 3D model into a CNC output. Imos iX does not depend on a one specific machine, meaning it can work with all types of CNC-machines.


Imos iX utilizes familiar applications like AutoCAD and Microsoft SQL Server, profiting from the stability and continuous development of these software applications and platforms, in conjunction with these Imos iX is continually being enhanced and improved with up to date requirements and trends where applicable, ultimately future proofing your business.

For every interior designer

Any organisation that manufactures and designs (custom) furniture and interiors can use Imos iX. The software is completely focused on your line of business, making it fit seamlessly perfectly with your daily and future business requirements.


Imos is a fit for companies of all sizes thanks to its modular construction. The standard software package can always be enhanced with additional modules.


Imos is useful for the following Sectors:

✓ Interior design
✓ Furniture manufacturing
✓ Kitchen manufacturers
✓ Store and project design
✓ Stand construction
✓ Ship interior construction
✓ Related industries
✓ Subcontracting

Fast implementation

When you choose Imos iX, we will test and install the software and postprocessors for you. Imos iX will be delivered with a standard material and furniture fitting library, that you can edit and extend yourself. After minimal basic training, you will be up and running. Various follow up training courses are available where required, details can be provided. Our CAD/CAM specialists actively support you with the deployment of our software within your company.


You pay an annual maintenance charge, for this you will get updates and new versions of the software along with application and technical support in case there are questions or issues. We also provide training courses that are continually updated in line with the continuing new features and enhancements to the software.

Interested in Imos iX?

If you want more information, a quotation, or a demonstration of Imos iX, you can contact us to find out more.

Imos is a product offering of Imos AG in Germany. Proteus systems is the official Imos distributor in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

ERP specifically designed for interiors, furniture manufacturing, woodworking and wood trade.

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