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Alphacam CADCAM software voor aansturing van al uw CNC machines

Optimal control of your CNC-machine

If you use CNC machines to work with wood, plastic, stone, or metal, Alphacam offers the best support for your production. The CAM-software simplifies the step from design to production and focuses on the control of simple to 3-, 4-, or 5-axis processes on CNC-machines. With Alphacam you can count on maximised productivity, reliability, and flexibility.

For all CNC machines

Alphacam is CNC machine agnostic, so it works with every type of CNC machine. If you are in possession of multiple CNC-machines from different manufacturers, Alphacam functions as a central control point. Working with specific software for every machine is no longer necessary.


Every sector is unique and possesses its own terminology and work methods. Therefore, Alphacam comes in many different versions for all types of businesses.

The Alphacam software

User experience is one of the reasons that Alphacam is the industry standard for operating CNC-machines. Alphacam possesses both CAD and CAM functionality. You can create a blueprint in Alphacam yourself or import 2D and 3D blueprints from other CAD-packages into the software. Afterwards you can edit these prints in all sorts of different ways and automatically assign the proper tools. Because of the clever interface the conversion from CAD to CAM is very easy.


With today’s competition, it is very important for you to get the most out of your machine. Optimal efficiency is achieved through a perfect connection between Alphacam and your CNC-machine, utilising a postprocessor. We have different postprocessors available for a great variety of CNC-machines. If there is no post processor specifically for your machine available, we can develop it for you. With the experience and skill of our CAD/CAM department we create an optimal CNC output, so you can use Alphacam to get the best results and the highest quality possible in a relatively short time.


Alphacam is available in different versions, depending on your line of business, utilisation algorithm and array of machines. Extensive nesting functionality is standard for all versions of Alphacam. The software calculates the best optimised plate layout for all shapes and forms. In addition to shapes, you can also nest complete blueprints and NC lists. Your nesting lists can be saved and reused for future projects. This ensures efficient optimisation of your material usage.

Quick implementation

When you choose Alphacam, we will test and install the software and postprocessors for you. After minimal basic training, you will be up and running. Various follow up training courses are available where required, details can be provided. Our Alphacam specialists actively support you with the deployment of the software within your business.


You pay an annual maintenance charge, for this you will get updates and new versions of the software along with application and technical support in case there are questions or issues. We also provide training courses that are continually updated in line with the continuing new features and enhancements to the software.

If you want more information about Alphacam, a quotation or a demonstration, please contact us to find out more.

Alphacam is a product belonging to Vero in Great Britain. Proteus Systems is the official Alphacam distributor in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

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