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For over 25 years Proteus Systems Europe BV has been specialising in developing and implementing project-oriented software solutions for interior construction. We modernise the work of many companies within the interior construction and wood processing businesses with the distribution of CAD/CAM systems, such as Imos and Alphacam and our own Proteus ERP software. Van Assem interior design is one of many satisfied customers using Proteus software. Owner Udo van Bekkum explains why he purchased our package and about his experience.

“All departments within our company are strongly dependent on each other.” The cooperation has been perfect. If one department underachieves, there will be consequences for the other departments. All processes need to be aligned perfectly and purpose-built software packages makes a significant contribution to this success. Just as importantly: our customers profit from shorter delivery times. Over 12 years ago we were still using all kinds of separate programs like Excel and Exact. It was far from efficient. We chose to purchase a system within which calculations, project administration, planning and financial administration worked seamlessly.”

Back in the day van Bekkum talked to some colleagues about this possibility and quickly realised that Proteus’ software was the best solution. “I looked for a package for the future, in which we would not run into any restrictions anytime soon. It is a very user-friendly package, and Proteus ERP software properly aligns the various departments perfectly. This improves the cooperation within the company and makes for a higher quality product. Proteus IBT has proved its worth and still satisfies our company’s every need.

“Recently, we made the next step into automation. We started looking for a 3D drawing package that offers a full solution for the manufacturing of furniture. We see Imos as the new standard for this market and it fulfilled all our specific requirements. Therefore, Proteus IBT in combination with Imos iX was a great choice for us in making the next step towards industry 4.0.” Partly thanks to our software Van Assem has made great improvements with the development of their company, according to Van Bekkum. “The implementation proceeded quickly thanks to on-site training. We are more than satisfied with the opportunities that have been made possible through the mapping of CAD data in the Proteus ERP software.”

In addition to the investment in the software we started working more efficiently and have purchased new machines that adapt and communicate perfectly with the complete system and themselves. The costs of failure have reduced because structural errors can now be tackled much more easily. The eventual goal is to work more efficiently so the team leaders for example can spend less time in the office and more time in the workshop. We are very happy with this package. Processes proceed much more fluently, and this allows for a better service and the highest quality furniture.

ERP specifically designed for interiors, furniture manufacturing, woodworking and wood trade.

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