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Coors is a valued player in the field of interior manufacturing. The company has proved its worth within the government, retail, office, and healthcare sectors. Coors used the imos 3D CAD/CAM software that they purchased in 2011 to design and manufacture the interior for the shipping museum in Amsterdam.

Coors has been working with Proteus Sawing software to generate the most efficient sawing schemes based on BOMs. Thanks to the link between Proteus Sawing and Imos, Coors can directly convert these BOMs from imos into Proteus Sawing, where these are directly optimised.

Direct CNC-operating
Coors uses imos to operate a Masterwood Project 323 XI CNC Machine, a Giben CNC-plate saw with a loading station and a Brandt banding machine. Chris Revelman, CEO: “With imos we have a 1 on 1 connection with our machines. When we started with imos, I never expected that the connection between imos and our machines would proceed so perfectly, but together with Proteus Systems we were easily able to establish the connection.”

“When you edit your 3D model in imos, all the technical details are automatically changed as well.”

Experienced in CAM
Imos is a complete CAD/CAM package, in which CAD takes care of the designing part, while CAM takes care of the production and operating of the CNC-machine. Imos has years of experience with CAM. Imos has been developed in cooperation with machine manufacturers and is known in the business for its strong CAM functionality.

Imos has been developed in cooperation with the interior and furniture manufacturing businesses. Companies can use Imos to manufacture a piece of furniture based on a 3D sketch, this can then be shown to the customer. From the 3D model, that doubles as both the design sketch and the blueprint, imos generates all the information that is necessary for production, including BOMs and saw lists. Afterwards, the user utilises the software to directly operate the CNC-machine.

Intelligent 3D model
An important advantage of imos is that the production details are always up-to-date, even after intermediate changes. “Before we started using imos, we only worked with AutoCAD. In AutoCAD you draw everything again for every separate component, and if these components are later changed, you will have to it all again. When you change your 3D model in imos, all technical details automatically change with it.

Production reliability
Coors is one of the few interior manufactures where multiple teams work different shifts, making the machine work for sixteen hours a day. Revelman: “production reliability is very important for us; there has to be a perfect transfer of information between preparation and production. Imos ensures this: if the preparation is done properly, then the rest of the proceedings will go right as well.

New work method
Coors started with a single Imos license, but has already bought a second one, allowing them to employ the software in two places at once. “Step by step we are starting to prepare increasingly more projects using imos. Some employees still need to get used to it, because it is not only a new way of designing, but also an entirely new way of working and thinking in general, and that takes time. At first this will take up a lot of energy, but I believe that this is the right way to do things.”

Freedom of design
Creating solutions that are unique, that is what Coors wants. “We love engineering and often create the most unique solutions. That is not always the easiest way, but so far, we have always managed to succeed. The freedom of construction method is very important to us. Therefore, imos must adapt to what we design and to our method of construction and not the other way around. So far so good, and we will sure extend the utilization of Imos in the future.

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