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Elmar Woodworking, located in De Meern, is a company specialising in the manufacture of decorative plate material. The company designs custom solutions for stands, offices, store interiors and schools to name a few. Elmar has an efficient work arrangement; preparation and production both take place within the same building, allowing them to guarantee high quality for their products through all their processes. A modern ERP system was essential for them to stay as an important player in the wood business. They chose Proteus Software.

President Willie van de Veer: “Our old software no longer met our requirements, it was out-dated and heavily focused on the metal working industry. Proteus Systems absolutely guarantees added value because of their business specific knowledge.”

Satisfies all needs
A successful implementation does not solely depend on the chosen software. The way in which a project is prepared and executed is at least just as important. De Veer: In all these respects Proteus Systems is a company that actively focusses on the entire project from the initial preparation all the way through the final system. Implementation of a standard solution through an individualistic approach, possibilities for additional functionality and support are not the only things that make Proteus Systems satisfy all our needs. Automation really changes a business at its core, so it was very nice to see professionals actively engage with every department and answer the questions of future users quickly and accurately.”

“Thanks to sophisticated connectivity the chance of errors is almost non-existent.”
During the implementation of the new ERP system, Elmar also switched to Imos CAD/CAM. President De Veer elaborates: “By making our sketches in Imos, we directly generate blueprints and can also directly command our advanced CNC machines. With this ability, furniture, closets, counters, and tables can be designed in any shape or form. Creating 3D sketches and the construction calculations happen in a fast and reliable manner. An important advantage when integrating with Imos is that it is done by Proteus Systems.”

Improvement in efficiency
Elmar’s power is that designs and blueprints are based in production. During the implementation of Proteus Project, a link to Imos was created. This allowed sketches, BOMs and materials to be directly imported into the ERP package. Additionally, the entire production blueprint can be rolled out swiftly. This means a great improvement in efficiency; the system also guarantees a detailed presentation in 3D to the customers, along with blueprints when these are necessary.

Increased production speed
“We now possess direct import capability, automated BOMs in the web shop and orders are directly imported into the system along with delivery times. The suppliers’ data is presented clearly, and the entire procurement flow can be viewed with a single press of the button meaning administrative actions are heavily simplified.

Both user experience and production speed have been improved because all our business processes are supported from a single integrated solution. Phased roll out at a reasonable cost is easily possible thanks to Proteus’ measured approach. Their professionalism, flexibility and pragmatic spirit fit perfectly with our work methods.”

Modern requirements
Elmar Woodworking is part of the Elmar Group. This group consists of multiple suppliers for various Sectors of the industry. The fact that Elmar Woodworking chose a personal automation package while part of this larger group is quite special. De Veer: “Through the sector specific approach of Proteus Project, the software solution offers all the functionality we need daily to make our company work as efficiently as possible, while meeting all of today’s modern standards and requirements.”

ERP specifically designed for interiors, furniture manufacturing, woodworking and wood trade.

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