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More fluent integrated production processes and no more doubling of work. These are some of the advantages Casa Vero has experienced since they started working with imos and Proteus ERP. The interior manufacturing company from Geel had the 3D CAD/CAM- solution implemented by the Dutch Company three years ago and claims it has led to an improvement in efficiency. Manager Rob Verboven is convinced of Proteus’ software’s worth.

Casa Vero started in 1996 by Rob Verhoven who now has a successful interior manufacturing company with thirteen employees. “We work with our own manufacture, lacquer, joinery and placement service. In addition to building kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and desks, we deliver increasingly more complete projects, which allows us to take work away from the architects. This way we can make the interior decoration fit perfectly with the yard. We predominantly make fancy, modern interiors with high price ranges.”

How important was the software’s implementation for your production process?
“Three years ago, when we were already working with an ERP system from Proteus, they integrated the 3D CAD/CAM-solution. These investments are essential for the further automation of our production process. We still have more steps to take in this regard, but we made a conscious choice for a phased approach.”

How is this approach proceeding compared to your past work methods?
“The most important advantage is that there are much fewer possibilities for errors. The work preparer gets a greater responsibility, because his blueprints are directly converted into programs that are ready for production. Fortunately, the preparer can visualise his designs in 3D, so potential errors can easily be identified and tackled before the blueprint is transferred to production. With our past approach we often had to put in the same data multiple times, which meant more capable people had to be completely up to date on how the final product was supposed to look. The new system requires a little knowhow from the operator in the production department, allowing people with a lower degree of specialisation to be employed.”

What kind of support does the work preparer receive?
“He used to receive a proper multi-day course from Proteus. I have also partly been present for these sessions. After the implementation we rather abruptly switched over to the new system, so we would not get stuck into our old work habits again. Via an annual workshop we are kept up to date with regards to innovations and updates. The most recent version, is even better suited for the requirement of Industry 4.0, will be installed soon. We can tell from experience that Proteus works with real professionals in the field of software, they really understand the needs of the production industry.”

How important is it for a company like Casa Vero to invest in innovation in this way?
“It is of primary importance to have a competitive advantage over larger less flexible companies that wait longer to take this step. Continuously investing in knowledge and software is not cheap, but it is essential to stay at the top in this very competitive professional engineering market place.”

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