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Proteus Systems develops industry-specific software solutions that support our customers in their daily practices and that accelerate and improve work processes.
We work in close collaboration with our customers, to remain constantly aware of their daily business and the changing needs within the industry. In this way we ensure that our software exactly fits their needs and can really make the difference.

Our vision
In the industries we are working for, we are experiencing an increasing need for automation and integration of the various business processes. Integration is the key word in our organization. We strive to include as many processes in one system as possible or realize links, so we can offer our customers a complete solution. This allows them to work more efficiently, reduce the risk of errors and lower costs.

Our solutions are not just focused on medium-sized organizations, but also on small businesses that want to startup automation. They can follow a growth path and continue to expand the automation when they are ready for it.

Automate and integrate, that is our core business, while focusing on the person behind the computer. Whether in the office or in the workplace, it is important that each user can identify itself with our software and that it actually supports him or her in the daily practices. We focus on our specialty, to make sure our customers can focus on their main activity.

ERP specifically designed for interiors, furniture manufacturing, woodworking and wood trade.

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